It is very common to have a family in the advertising because it plays an important role to sell the product, to build the brand, reputation and to influence people by that company’s service or product.

After industrial revolution many companies started to target mass public by showing a happy family in their advertising. For example 7 UP Ad in 1948 in America started campaign as “The fresh up family drink”. In the same manner many companies started to hit their customers by showing a good, healthy and happy family in their advertisements.

”Family” is a famous term in commercial advertising that is commonly used to persuade audiences into consuming one’s business’ goods or services over a competitors. Consequently, the symbol of family as used in advertisements is functional – it both increases profit and builds a positive reputation among customers.

The “Family advertising” works in advertising campaigns at 3 levels:

1) Social advertisements:

These kind of advertisements shows a group of happy people to influence the targeted audience. you will find a lot of cold drink ads, Macdonald ads in this way. The purpose is to influence the targeted public in association with that product to buy.

2) Psychological Advertising:

These kind of ads influence people by showing ideal mother, father, brother etc. Here in such kind of ads you will see a caring mother showing a particular product to sell.

Ex. Johnson & johanson baby care products running campaigns like ” For the most delicate years of life!” or “Your trust is in safe hands”. These ads show a perfect emotional touch that build’s companies brand.

3) Personal Advertising :

These kind of advertisements target the members of family who are decision makers. These ads specially focuses on these members and shows them how to keep your family healthy & happy. Because these members are decision makers, it becomes more easy to sell the product with an influencing ad campaign.

For an example of personal advertisement, the McDonald’s corporation in India has had great marketing success in designating themselves as the “McDonald’s Family Restaurant”. These ads perfectly showed people to have a quality time in MacDonald café with their family Or have a great weekends in MacDonald café.

So if you are a company owner and have such kind of products, you can use your marketing strategy in this way to hit the targeted audience.

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