Advertising Hacks 101:

Emotional Advertising / Approach:

Every business wants to sell more products or services today. But only those businesses become successful if they have strong sense of marketing & promotions in this digital world.

In this category of Emotional approach businesses trigger the exact emotions of a customer & enables the great emotional bonding with customer. This kind of advertisements can engage the customer’s attention in a perfect way. Making customer positive about products & services. There are thousands of advertisements continuously running on social media like facebook ads, youtube ads, instagram advertisements linkedin advertisements & google advertisements also, which perfectly hammers the emotions of a customerso that the customer will buy the product or service.

There are number of Indian ad expamles which shows the emotional attachement in the advertiseing.

For examples:

  1. कुछ मीठा हो जाए #kuchmithahojaye advertising campaign by Cadbury in india was really a successful advertising campaign.

This technique of advertising is done with the  help of two factors –

  1. needs of consumers and
  2. fear factor.

Most common appeals under need are:

  • need for something new
  • need for getting acceptance
  • need for not being ignored
  • need for change of old things
  • need for security
  • need to become attractive, etc.

Most common appeals under fear are:

  • fear of accident
  • fear of death
  • fear of being avoided
  • fear of getting sick
  • fear of getting old, etc.

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Types of advertising services we offer to our clients:

  1. Videos advertisements
  2. Graphic designs / Business Images
  3. Online Promotions / Social media engagements

We help these businesses to engage with more & more customers/clients with the help of an attractive and attention grabbing video ad.

 Benefits of our videos

  • old customer’s attention
  • Lead to sales
  • Customer’s satisfaction
  • Educates the customer about product / service
  • Helps to grow the business easily
  • affordable prices

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