Bandwagon marketing technique is one of the very effective & strategic marketing technique. Many successful companies launched their Bandwagon marketing compaigns to hit the maximum people & achieved their desired goal of sales & Business Growth.

Many small and big businesses can run thier Bandwagon Marketing as per the desired goal of sales. The main focus of the Bandwagon marketing is hitting the humuan emotion of “MISSING OUT / LEFT OUT”.

Since long time humans are social animals, they need to be in the group or in the mass public to survive / live life in a good way. Hence humans unconsciously developed the emotions og living in the groups which is natural. So in marketing & sales also this technique gives best results. Here in this technique Marketing comapnies exactly hit the feelings of missing out to convince the customer to buy desired product.

In this Marketing technique comapnies focus on below 3 important things.

Let’s Check.

1. Cool & Smart Crowd:

Here marketing comapnies continously create the image of cool & smart crowd. And with that cool & Smart crowd they associate their desired product or service they want to sell. Indirectly they tries to create a picture that says ” those people who are using their product or services are more cool & smart, Hence if you want to be the one you should buy that product.

One of the very famous & successful campaign in India is “Amul – The taste of India ” In their advertising campaigns you will find HEALTH / POWER / HAPPINESS associated with their products.


In this marketing campaigns they convince people to be at the winning side where winners are using their products. Human mind always wants to be winner & successful. So with these kind of ad campaings they clearly shows the winners with their desired products to sell.

One of the best example in India is “Colget advertising where they claims that it is the number 1 brand recommended by denstists”

3. Don’t get left out / Missing out:

It is the fear that many have in their mind about “MISSING OUT”. Many advertisng campaings create such a picture in the mind that shows limited time offer or short time offer. Like these campaings tries to say that a particular product is in limited period offer right now & millions of people are grabbing the opportunity, so what about you? Aren’t you missing out? Aren’t you left behind? if so hurry now & buy that product. So to be in the safe side people starts to buy that particular product. It creates a kind of anxiousness that leads to achieve the marketing target.

For Example, There are many Macdonald ads that constanlty create such kind of left behind feelings to sell their products.

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