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Frequently Asked Questions

How will these Advertising Videos & Images work for my Business ?

 Our Designed Videos & Images are bold, creative & engaging so once you start posting it on social media or send it to your audience it will make best impression on customer’s mind. These images & Videos will boost your presence in the digital world reaching more customers turning them into your clients.

Directly it will Boost your Business / Service sales & Help to Grow your Business in a right way !!


How many times client ask for edits / changes in completed work (Videos or Images or Both) ?

AdsMug gives 100% to achieve client’s satisfaction. we generally offer client 3 maximum revisions & edits / changes in our finished work. But though client is not happy with the work completed we offer one more revision.  

What are the things required to start working on any Business Videos & Images ?

  • Name of the business / service / Product?
  • Tagline of the business?
  • What you want to promote? Or what problem you want to solve?
  • Your USP? Or something different from your competiters?
  • Main Keywords (5-10) that describes your busimess?
  • Contact no. / Website etc
  • Send logo images (PNG / JPG)
  • Send other images/videos you want.
  • Send other information or Script (if you have)

How to Promote Advertising material made by AdsMug?

There are two ways:

1. You can do it by yourself

– Posting on social media (Facebook/Insta/WhatsApp) etc.

– posting it on your website.

– Sharing it with Paid Advertising on Facebook / Google etc.

2. We can do it for you in minimal charges.

– All above work can be done with the help of AdsMug services & promotions.


What is the general time to create advertising material?

Below are the timings required to complete the work:

1. 1 Video Ad with background music : 2-3 working days

2. 1 Video Ad with Script writing, Voiceover : 5-6 working days

3. 10 Business Images / Creatives : 3-4 days

4. Complete Business Promotion package ( 3 Business Videos + 30 Business Images ) : 10 days


What about payments ? 

We have below payment options:

1. Google Pay

2. Bank online transfer / IMPS etc.

50% payment before starting work.

50% after completion of work.

*Note: Once complete payment is done with approval of finished work AdsMug will remove the watermark. 


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